Two years back this pencil was all over social media, but it really piqued my interest when my I saw one of my blogger friend trying it.  I have seen so many eyeliners in my elder sister’s vanity for over 10 years now, but honestly I’m never an eyeliner addict…that is because I’m the one-eyeliner-woman kind of a person and when my perfect eyeliner is with me I never go behind any hyped product. I’m very particular in my choices sometimes!

So what exactly happened when I tried this hyped Glide-On pencil by my favourite brand Urban Decay ???


Price: USA: $20

Shades: 34 shades

How to Use?

  • Apply a series of dashes with the pencil starting from the inner corner.
  • At the halfway point of the line, angle your pencil so you’re now drawing with the side of it. 
  • Connect the dashes.

My Experience?

I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay Eye Shadows, so when I found out about their Glide-On Eye Pencil a year ago I rigorously stalked beauty blogs to read reviews. Right now these are available online and offline at Sephora and Ulta. I got the shade Zero which is described as black shade although I find the other shade called Perversion as the perfect darkest bold matte black colour. The shade Zero is not a jet black shade and I was quite disappointed when the Ulta lady gave me this shade saying that this one is the darkest black. When I came back and searched online I found out that Perversion is what I was looking for.

Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil has very soft and creamy texture which is what I prefer when it comes to pencil eyeliner. Imagine the horror of a pencil tugging and disturbing your delicate lash line. That is what I like about this pencil it glides on very smoothly. I’ve sensitive eyes and since it has been less than a year after my Lasik eye surgery I’m very picky what eye makeup I use. The Glide-On Pencil formula is creamy dreamy but not at all smudge-proof or waterproof like described on the website. There may be some techniques to increase its staying power but clearly, it won’t last over 5 hours if you have a busy working day. The interesting part of the formula is the key ingredients used- it has Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil which is why if won’t do any harm to your eyes even if it’s on your eyes all day long.

I had to buy Urban Decay sharper, otherwise, this pencil keeps breaking using any other brand sharper. The pigmentation of the shade Zero is not that impressive for a black eye-pencil in my opinion, but still, after three swipes, it looks beautiful. So for a bold jet black finish, I suggest Layer, Layer, Layer!

Overall, the formula is good for my eyes and perfect for a smokey eye makeup look but definitely this doesn’t have the best staying power. For those looking for a completely smudge-proof liner you’ll be disappointed. However, I still would love to try other colors specially for the texture and finish.


Expert Tricks To Make This Eyeliner Last Longer:

  • Using a primer before applying this Eye-pencil will keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day.
  • Oily lids are major cause of smudging, Use a lightweight setting powder on your eyelids before using eyeshadow or the eye-pencil.
  • Applying multiple layers of eyeliner helps in this case, also you should trace over your liner with a coat of a similar colored eyeshadow to keep it in place.
  • Last but definitely not the least, set your makeup with a good setting spray .



  1. Glides smoothly.
  2. Creamy texture.
  3. Perfect for smokey eye makeup look.
  4. Formula is good for sensitive eyes.
  5. Beautiful Matte Finish
  6. Reasonable price tag


  1. The shade Zero is not jet black.
  2. Formula is not smudge-proof or water-proof.
  3. Pigmentation could have been better.
  4. I wish it had better staying power.

BnB Rating: 6.1/10







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