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Raise your hand if you feel inadequate without a perfectly done makeup. Everyone’s hand in the air? Yess. Long-lasting Makeup, can take you slay completely to the next level. But the real question is how to make our makeup last all day long.
Did you say POWDER???
Nah girl! I know sometimes it may be fascinating to touch-up your makeup throughout the day, but trust me I’ve done that blunder many times before realizing to go easy with powder.Too much powder can result in a cakey look and leave a heavy finish. Build-up can also increase your pore size, so focus on products and application techniques. Our experts did some research and found out some amazing tips. Here’s exactly how to keep your makeup looking lush and fresh from day to late night:

Prepare Your Skin:

Makeup experts always say that the key to looking flawless is to have a good base. You can never expect a good result if you start a painting on messy dirty canvas. Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized before you start your makeup.

Try to use oil-free primers and light moisturizers on your skin. Heavy creams and lotions will cause your foundation to smear and slip. I prefer applying serum which is not oily, controls shine and helps the foundation to last longer. You can also blot your face before applying foundation, this will absorb any excess oil on face and can prevent caking.

Getting The Base Right:

Opt for a base that has a formula which is specifically designed to last all day long. Most of the foundations with oil-free formula and matte finish, tend to last longer than the ones with the moisturizing formula. I’ve tried countless drugstore and high-end products, only to be disappointed in their performance. One trick that I like to do is, waiting for the foundation to fully dry after applying, & then set it with some translucent powder. I’ve noticed if I use this trick my foundation last ALL day w/o budging.

Other Face Products:

When it comes to blush or contour nothing seems to make them last all day long. I’ve tried many powder blushes and contour products which somehow has always betrayed me when it comes to their staying power. I found out that gel formulas are better in this department, plus gel formula glides smoothly and has just the right amount of pigment, using this formula also means no more streaks or harsh lines.

Cook the Concealer:

I’ve underestimated this technique for so long. But cooking or baking your concealer really makes a huge difference.
No, it’s not something related food but setting your under eye concealer and all the highlighted areas with the famous baking technique really help a lot to keep your makeup fresh. How to do it? Just press on some setting powder, let it bake for a while, and after few minutes just brush it off.

My Beautiful Bright Eyes:

As for the eyes I like to keep it to bright, natural and minimum. Curling the lashes and using waterproof mascara is the key for a bright-eyed and smudge-free look in the heat. When the eyelids are naked, I make sure that my brows are shaped and groomed. Another must-have in my makeup bag is waterproof eyeliner. You can go ahead and cry, swim or even sweat to your heart’s content and still look glam. I recently got Stila liner which is known for its lasting power. Its super easy to apply and stays for an entire day!

Spray Set and Seal:

When the weather is brutal, all you need is makeup setting spray. For me, Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray really makes a difference in keeping makeup on my face and making is somewhat transfer and water-PROOF. You can also try coating your makeup sponge with setting spray and dabbing it on your face. This method helps in sealing your makeup for a really long time and prevents any melting of the foundation. One more step you shouldn’t forget about makeup longevity is always set your makeup with powder.

No Transfer Lipstick:

So many cosmetic companies launching their own matte long-lasting liquid lipsticks, as a customer it’s hard to find that perfect match from so many formulas. Most of the matte liquid lipsticks have a strong color and can last all day without any touch-ups.


Editor Shreya says, “Personally, I like to balance cream and powder formulas. It’s like a beautiful combination, using cream based products before powder makes sure that the makeup lasts longer without any uneven finish. For example, while using eyeshadow or blush, use a cream color first; then dust a powder in the same shade on top.”


Do you have any tried and tested makeup tips ??? Please share with us in the comment box below :-)



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