Product Name: TEM-KI ( )

What It is: Tem-ki is a new tool for the care of hands, feet and nails.
TEM-KI achieves all-natural, long-lasting shinning nails. It is effective in eliminating crevices, cuticles and wedges. Also, exfoliates and performs an absolute softness.


My Experience?

Recently I got lot of compliments for beautiful nails, now beautiful nails despite wearing nail polish daily is kind of a unbelievable statement. Few months ago even I thought of the same but some new tools and technology has helped me to take special care of my nails. Shiny nails and soft hands will never go out of trend, that’s why I wanted to show you something I’ve been using and loving for last one month.

Effectiveness: This electric manicure tool gives you everything you need for salon-quality results at home. Use the included shaping tip to taper nails into your desired shape, use the attachment to buff your nails to shiny perfection or use the smoothing attachments to rid your nails of ridges and bumps. This are the results I got without visiting a salon. This tool reveals shiny, natural nails in minutes and the amazing fact is – it can also be used for pedicures, as well.

Results: When it comes to Nail Care I never found anything better than this tool, TEM-KI actually eliminated ridges and cuticles, like claimed by the company. Tem-ki is also used in Skincare, personally for me using this twice a week has helped me to achieve a smooth and soft skin (both hands and feet).       


What I Like?

  1.  Experience the pleasure of silky soft hands and feet when you buff away hard skin.
  2. Gives beautiful shiny nails.
  3. gentle vibration is designed for a calming feel.
  4. eliminates ridges and cuticles.
  5. Multi-function can be used for nail care as well as hand care.
  6. Travel-friendly
  7. Great quality.


BnB Rating: 10/10


Final Verdict: Gentle on your nails and feet, this is very easy to use, TEM-KI quickly helps you achieve soft, silky hands and feet. This electronic tool is designed to remove ridges and cuticles, for beautiful results after just one use. It also effective in buffing away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with smooth feet you’ll definitely want to show off. I highly recommend TEM-KI :-)



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