Eyeliners are something I reach out to every day even when I am running late. My all-time favourite would be basic black and blue eyeliners but when I spotted this new launch called “Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Liquid Liner”, I immediately picked up the shade called Moon Navy among others. This is surely one of the prettiest blues I have seen. Having tried and tested the liner for more than a few weeks, here’s the detailed review on the same.

SHADES AVAILABLE – Cosmic Black, Moon Navy, Aurora Green, Stardust Gold and Galactic Brown

PRICE – Rs. 425 for 1.5gms


Packaging – Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Liquid Liner comes in a colour coded packaging. The tube is transparent from where you can easily spot the colour with a long opaque black cap which makes it easy to hold and apply the liner. The cap has the applicator attached to it. The product is lightweight and extremely easy to carry around.

Applicator – Applicator is long slender and has a fine felt tip. It is soft and flexible as well which is why it is extremely easy to apply the eyeliner. If any eyeliner has a perfect applicator, it becomes so much easier to apply. The quality is amazing and gives you that precise and thin line for any cat winged liner. You can easily create some graphics eyeliner looks with this one as well. I am not an expert in applying liner perfectly but even then, this applicator helps me doing it.

Shade and Pigmentation – I picked up the shade called Moon Navy. Funnily I could not find the shade name anywhere on the product. The shade names can be found online. Moon Navy is a beautiful bright navy blue with turquoise blue glitters in it. The colour will suit each and every skin tone beautifully. The glitters are not gritty at all. Therefore it is absolutely safe for eyes. Pigmentation is good as two layers give the proper opaque finish. It is advisable to apply the first layer, let it dry and then go for the second layer.

Texture – The consistency of the liner is neither too thick too runny. This is how exactly an eyeliner should be. It dries off extremely quickly and easily and therefore there is a less chance of smearing and smudging on the eyelids. The liner is shiny and glittery. The texture is good and therefore it does not start cracking up after a few hours.

Formula – The formula of the liner is slightly water resistant but not at all waterproof. If you happen to splash water on the face or use a facial mist, it will not budge but rubbing the product removes it completely. However, the product is surprisingly smudge-proof.

Staying power – Staying power eyeliner is remarkable as the liner is intact for the almost whole day if it does not come in contact with water. Sometimes I use a blue gel liner underneath to make it long lasting against water. Needless to say, this liner is extremely easy to remove at the end of the day.

Overall – Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Liquid Liner Moon Navy is a beautiful navy blue liner with turquoise glitters that has wonderful pigmentation, texture and consistency to be applied easily and quickly. The applicator is amazing as well and the liner is smudge proof that stays for a long duration.


  • Packaging – a small tube with a long applicator and travel-friendly structure
  • Applicator – felt tip which is soft and flexible
  • Shade – Moon Navy is navy blue shade with turquoise glitters
  • Pigmentation – opaque with two swipes
  • Texture – neither thick or thin
  • Formula – smudge proof but not waterproof
  • Staying power – all day long



  1. Lightweight and easy to carry packaging.
  2. Felt tip liner with a soft tip that helps to draw the precise line.
  3. Beautiful glittery blue shade
  4. Good colour pay off
  5. Medium consistency
  6. Glitters don’t feel gritty
  7. Dries down quickly
  8. Completely smudge proof
  9. Does not irritate the eyes at all
  10. Extremely long lasting
  11. Affordable glitter eyeliner
  12. Available in a variety of shades


  1. Not at all waterproof.

RATING – 8/10

RECOMMENDATION – I would highly recommend this beautiful glitter blue eyeliner for the amazing shade, texture, finish and staying power. It looks pretty for daily wear as well as special occasions as well. The colour is suitable for every skin tones.





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