Maybelline and mascara are synonymous to me. I have tried and tested all the Maybelline mascaras and needless to say, I am overwhelmed and happy every time. The Colossal Big Shot Mascara was launched quite some time back in the US and I was waiting impatiently when it would launch in India. Finally, when I spotted this, I could wait no longer and picked it up. This is the drugstore mascara each and every beauty influencer and celebrity raves about. I have been using this was the mascara for a month now and here is the detailed review of the product in question.
PRICE – $8.45/Rs. 499 for 9.5ml


Packaging – Of all the Maybelline mascaras as I have seen so far, this has one of the most beautiful packagings ever. The structure of the packaging is very much like the Colossal Volume Express Mascara but the only difference is the shiny metallic golden body. This is the star of the packaging along with the improved applicator. Thus, it has a very vibrant and stylish yet sturdy and travel-friendly packaging.

Applicator – The applicator or wand of the mascara it is extremely extraordinary and different from all other Maybelline mascaras as well. The applicator wand has wavy bristles with long and slender inbuilt. The bristles are short, thin and study. It has a fair amount of fullness and stiffness which helps to coat the lashes from root to tip and add the desired volume you are looking for. Thus, the fully loaded brush with deep-pocketed bristles assists to apply the mascara easily. If you use it carefully, the excess product does not clump or look spidery and facilitate the application smoothly.

Shade and pigmentation – I picked up the shade Very Black in the waterproof version. The shade is jet black and it looks beautifully dark when it coats the lashes.

Texture and formula – The texture of the mascara are medium thick and the consistency is slightly heavier than usual. However, it does not clump much whilst applying. If you pick up the proper amount (remove the excess from the wand every time you apply), there is no chance of smudging or transferring onto the lower lash line or upper eyelids. The texture and formula remind me of Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline. The formula helps to define each lash perfectly. Maybelline also claims that the formula is collagen-infused to deliver bold volume.

Effect -The effect of this mascara is truly mesmerizing. It gives you an amazing amount of volume and to a large extent, length as well. It is advisable to curl the lashes before applying the mascara as it makes the lashes look fuller and thicker. I generally use two layers and it gives a generous amount of volume and drama to the lashes. This mascara will not make the lashes feel heavy or crunchy at all. The mascara is smudge proof and because I picked up the waterproof version, it is extremely water resistant. It will continue to stay on the eyes until I remove it and hold the curls for a pretty good length of time. The mascara is dermatologically tested as well. It has never irritated my eyes are made my eyes watery than usual.


I am very happy with the staying power of the mascara as it is extremely long lasting. Price wise, it is still great affordable and effective volume increasing mascara. I am happy that Maybelline did not launch this amazing product with a hefty price tag.

OVERALL – Maybelline colossal big shot mascara has a medium consistency but lightweight texture it’s much food formula that adds an enormous amount of volume and length and makes the largest look dramatic as ever. It is great mascara from the house of Maybelline.


  • Packaging – lightweight, sturdy and travel friendly
  • Applicator – wavy body with short and stiff bristles
  • Texture – medium thick, feels lightweight and dries up easily
  • Effect – dramatic volume and hold the curls
  • Formula – waterproof, smudge proof and dermatologically tested.
  • Staying power – all day long



  1. Nice lightweight and travel-friendly packaging
  2. Extremely good applicator
  3. Medium thick creamy consistency
  4. Does not clump or give spidery lashes
  5. Add volume and curl
  6. Dries quickly and smudge proof
  7. Available in two variants – waterproof and washable
  8. Extremely pigmented and coats the lashes as well.
  9. Affordable and budget friendly
  10. Amazing staying power


  1. None


Final Verdict– This is the mascara you won’t regret buying. It fulfils all the claims and easily available with an affordable price tag. Comparing with other Maybelline mascaras, like the Push Up Drama Mascara and the Lash Sensational Mascara along with Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express which are equally good but, if I have to choose between these three and Colossal Big Shot Mascara – I would surely choose Colossal Big Shot Mascara. Of course, until Maybelline comes up with another best one.


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