It’s amazing how fruits can benefit us in so many ways. Dull skin, weight loss or hypertension – many people might not know this yet but eating fruits on a daily basis can solve most of our health and nutrition issues. After all, haven’t we all heard that saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’? Fruits are rich in a number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and are our best friends for a number of health benefits.

So what is the best time to consume different fruits? Is it okay to have them at any random hour of the day? Is there a time that we should avoid taking fruits? Read on and get all your queries answered right here.

Several nutritionists say that eating fruits first thing in the morning on an empty stomach along with a glass of water is best because it helps reap all the nutritional benefits. However, this does not necessarily mean that one cannot have fruits at other times of the day. The human body is equipped to be as efficient as possible in extracting nutrients from food.

Eating fruits for breakfast is considered to be one of the healthiest ways to start the day. It protects the body against infections and other potential health risks including cancer and heart stroke. Nutrition experts explain that fruits, by virtue of being the rich source of anti-oxidants, help rid the body of cell-damaging free radicals and suppress inflammation. Indeed, having fruits such as apple, papaya and berries along with brown bread sandwich, is the most wholesome breakfast to have.

If a fruit is taken on an empty stomach or between meals, there is better processing of its nutrients, fibre and simple sugars in the body. It is also good to have fruits like a banana before and after working out as it helps in replenishing the body with energy. However, those intending to cut down on their weight should avoid fruits before and after meals as this may defeat their purpose.

One of the most prevalent myths regarding when to eat fruit is that eating them with meals slows down the digestion and causes food to sit in the stomach and ferment or rot. We also hear that it causes gas, discomfort and a range of other symptoms. While it’s true that the fibre in fruit can slow down the process of the emptying of your stomach but only to a small extent, the rest of the claims are unsubstantiated. Moreover, have pomegranate after meals in fact boost digestion.

Ergo, there is no single best time to consume different fruits. One may choose their best time to eat fruit depending on their individual medical condition and health needs. Pair them up with a healthy meal of cereals or whole grain bread. There is one slightly inappropriate time to consume fruits though, and that is before going to bed as it can interfere with the sleep.

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