When we hear the words “organic” and “all natural,” we cannot help but think that the products associated with these terms are safer and better than synthetic ones. You might be wondering though — is the same true for perfumes? What specific reasons would you have to switch to organic fragrance?

If you were to ask people what makes a perfume good or bad, then they would likely tell you that it is all about the scent. If it smells good, then people would buy it for that reason alone. However, the question of whether the scent is sourced from all natural ingredients is something that people ought to carefully consider. Why is this so?

The truth is that most of the perfumes on the market today are of the synthetic variety. Many of the fragrances that were once made from natural ingredients have been overtaken with artificial substitutes that more or less smells the same. Fortunately, organic perfumes still do exist, and it would be prudent for people to start learning about why it matters.

Why consider switching to organic perfumes?

You might remember a time when you felt dizzy or got a headache after smelling a particular fragrance? You might have just concluded that the scent is just not your taste or even attribute the experience to other factors such as stress or hunger. It is more likely that such situations have more to do with the synthetic ingredients that companies use to produce.

The perfume business is much bigger than most people realize and worth over 72.7 billion USD as of 2018. According to “Statista,” the global fragrance market is estimated to be worth about USD 92 billion by 2024. To drive these profits, companies use the most cost-effective ingredients like Propylene Glycol, Benzene, and phthalates that make fragrances cheaper to manufacture on a large scale. The problem is that many of these ingredients used as fixatives and fillers in making synthetic fragrances are known to be harmful to one’s health.

Products like Flora Remedia roll-on perfume  and other organic fragrances differ from that of their synthetic counterparts in many ways. Perhaps the most evident is the genuineness of the scent.

People almost always can distinguish between natural and synthetic fragrances. If you have not tried organic scents, then we urge you to give it a try and see the difference for yourself. All natural aromas infused with bergamot and herbal chai not only keeps you smell good throughout the day but also invigorates and calms the senses.

Health and wellness experts often describe the difference between organic and synthetic perfumes as similar to tasting fresh herbs for the first time. Once you realize how different they are from artificial fragrances and dried preserved herbs, you would not want to come back to using them. You know that they are better for you and your body will thank you for it.

Where to find organic perfumes?

The best organic fragrances on the market are the ones that fully disclose the ingredients and have them proudly written on the label. You would do well to check this information to verify if the perfume is indeed organic. If you spot ingredients that do not seem natural, look into the matter. It is likely that the organic claims do not have any merit because the manufacturer skimped on several organic ingredients to make production more profitable.

The perfume business, for the most part, has not embraced the idea of using all natural ingredients when artificial ones are much more profitable. Hence, organic perfumes are not as readily available on the market. Your best bet is to shop for these fragrances online that are offered by a few select businesses that specialize on all organic perfumes and can have the products shipped right to your doorsteps.

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