Pressed powder is one of the fundamental makeup products that must be included in your collection. Needless to say, these are extremely effortless for application and travel-friendly. And when a pressed powder comes in various shade cards from the house of Maybelline, the product becomes a must-have one. The Fit Me is a renowned one all over the world and therefore the product garners a lot of expectations. So, did it live up to those? The following review of Fit Me Pressed Powder shall highlight every detail regarding the product as well as the experience.

Price – $7.99 in USA


Packaging – The Fit Me Pressed Powder comes in a typical pressed powder packaging – a common one for most of the drug-store products. The product is enclosed in a sturdy, plastic body packaging in a square form. The top portion is transparent, enabling to identify the shade quickly. There are two compartments included – one for the product and the other for the sponge and mirror. The mirror is perfect for touch-ups while the round soft cotton puff is a good inclusion. However, the quality of the puff is slightly questionable. The shade name along with other details has been neatly printed and therefore makes the job easier. Judging by the whole structure and considering a drug-store product, the product is impeccably packaged with the thoughtful addition of mirror and puff. It is also travel-friendly, lightweight and well-made.

Shade – For years, drug-store brands have neglected the shade range but that was never the case for the range of Fit Me collection, which makes in spectacular among the masses. Similarly, the Fit Me Pressed Powder comes in eight distinct shades, even the requirements of dusky and deeper skin tones. The shade in question in this review is 220 Natural Beige. It is a medium-beige, ideal for neutral skin tones. The skin tones closer to NC35-37 and around shall be able to apply this better. However, I recommend going through the shade card to match your skin tone.

Coverage – The coverage was neither light nor medium but buildable. Hence, it depends a lot on the application itself. On top of a foundation, the coverage seems to be better. However, when worn alone, the coverage is lighter than usual. Also, it depends greatly on the type of skin – whether it has blemishes or not. The coverage isn’t good enough to conceal imperfections but it surely adds a second skin with a fresh, presentable look. On top of the foundation, it works the best. He does look natural and flawless.

Texture – The product is in the form of a pressed powder. The texture is very smooth, almost like silky soft. The quality of the power is fine-milled and pressed with proper binding ingredients that prevent it from crumbling or flying away whilst application. Excess pressure is not required to apply the product and a swift swipe does the job quite well. The pressed power can be applied with a puff-sponge, beauty blender or even a good powder brush and blends seamlessly without adhering to the dry skin if the skin is sufficiently hydrated.

Formula and Finish – These are the two of the most important attributes of a quality pressed powder. Fit Me Pressed Powder is manufactured with the Perlite Mineral technology that helps in absorbing the excess oil secreted by the skin and mattifies it. The product is essentially suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. Although the description is slightly misleading is it recommends for ‘normal to dry skin’. The pressed powder has the tendency to dry out the skin if used in excess. It finish is natural, pore-less as claimed and a long-lasting shine control result. The blurring micro-powders contribute in smoothing out the pores for an impeccable look. The product is non-comedogenic and hence won’t cause breakouts. Further, it is also paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulphate-free and aluminium-free.

Staying power – The powder has a decent staying power on its own when applied alone or on top of BB/CC cream for around 4-4.5hours. When applied on top of foundation or concealer, the longevity is definitely enhanced and keeps the look intact and oil-free for more the 5hours. However, the staying power may vary due to climatic conditions and skin type.

Price point – keeping in mind the availability, drug-store category, shade range and quality – this is definitely a very good pressed powder for the price tag and something you would like to use on a daily basis. I would call it an extraordinary powder but the product delivers what it claims to a large extent.


  1. Square, sturdy, well-built and compartmental packaging.
  2. A thoughtful inclusion of mirror and puff.
  3. An array of shades for various skin tones.
  4. Buildable coverage as a pressed powder.
  5. Smooth, silky textured pressed powder that blends seamlessly on the skin.
  6. Ideal product for normal, combination and oily skin.
  7. Perlite Mineral technology helps in absorbing the excess oil secreted by the skin and mattifies it.
  8. Natural, pore-less finish.
  9. Non-comedogenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulphate-free and aluminium-free.
  10. Good staying power.
  11. Price tag is reasonable.


  1. Pricey 
  2. You will need concealer if you have dark spots to cover.
  3. The powder can feel slightly dry if you don’t use a good base product.


Packaging – Square case with sturdy built and travel-friendly. Mirror included.
Applicator – Soft puff – quality could have been better.
Shade – 220 Natural Beige – medium beige with neutral undertones.
Coverage – Buildable.
Texture – Soft silky pressed powder.
Formula – Non-comedogenic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulphate-free and aluminium-free.
Finish – Comfortable matte.
Oil control – Good.
Best suitable for – Normal, combination and oily skin.
Criticism – May feel or look drying on dry-skin.

OVERALL – Maybelline New York Fit Me Pressed Powder comes in eight shades with silky soft texture armed with perlite technology to control oil secretion, best suitable for combination and oily skin and provides a flawless, pore-less finish and buildable coverage. The product is non-comedogenic with decent staying power and reasonable price tag.

RECOMMENDATION –If you have normal, combination and oily skin and you’re looking for a decent drug store pressed powder for daily usage, this is an excellent pick with numerous shade choices.

BnB Rating : 4/5

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