Lash name: Ardell Natural Lash – Black 120:

Price: $5.99
Can Last Up to? 24 months if preserved properly
What You Get: 2 pairs of lashes Demin 120,  adhesive & lash applicator. Soft touch applicator included.

My Experience?

Ardell lashes come in a lot of elegant and bold varieties and are flexible and comfortable, but this was the first time I tried something less dramatic. I often lose lashes, so I have plenty of those cheap drugstore kinds. The cheap ones are really stiff, which makes them less likely to stay put and not very comfortable. But whenever I’ve used Ardell lashes no matter how dramatic they are I’ve never felt any disomfort.

Let me start this review by sharing with you exactly how I apply and remove my false lashes. My first step is always checking if the lashes fit me or not if they are long I try to trim the excess. You can check by aligning the falsies to your natural lash line.  Apply a very thin line of adhesive along band & wait for 30 seconds before you apply the lashes. Using your fingers or applicator, place the false lash close to the natural lash line. Also be careful while removing the lashes, gently pull the lashes starting from the outer corner.

I’ve pretty big eyes so lashes that are too simple or too dramatic don’t look good on me. When I purchased this product I was more excited about the applicator than the lashes since I had so many different varieties of falsies already in my vanity. But honestly speaking I feel like Ardell makes the best lashes and these lashes live up to THE Ardell quality. Their lash band is always so soft and flexible. I’ve used this pair as many as 3 times now & I never experienced any irritation in my inner eye corner like some of the lashes often do. These pairs Demi 120 as they are called look beautiful and less dramatic and more real which I like. Make sure you play carefully with the glue as it is runny. I like that the glue doesn’t irritate my eyes and hold the lashes for a long time. I don’t use the applicator that much but it is nice travel-friendly.  I’m quite sure that I’ll reuse them until I somehow ruin them. I’m no expert in removing the lash glue.

I normally grab these when I want to up my look. I like how they instantly add a touch of feminity and are perfect for date night. Even if you are using these for a daytime look they won’t make you look over-the-top. For extra glam looks, I won’t recommend these unless you are a no-fake lashes person. If you’re like me who like glam but also love to keep it simple sometimes then I’ll highly recommend to get these. Overall, I like Ardell Natural Lash – Black 120 more because they’re really subtle and natural looking.

Final Verdict: I just love Ardell Natural Lash they are so lightweight, affordable and pretty looking. Just treat them nicely and they’ll last through multiple uses!

BnB Rating : 4/5

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