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A few years back when the trend of fuller, thicker brow started, we started relying on various eyebrow products. In fact, it wasn’t restricted only to the eye pencil. From eyebrow pomade, shapers, filler, and eyebrow gel – brow products were overflowing in the market. Mind you—fuller, bolder brows don’t mean you have to make it as deeper as it goes. The aim is to make your brows standout by filling and defining them and sticking to the actual color of your natural hair.
Benefit is known for their outstanding eyebrow products and when all the products are available in a cute little kit, it is definitely worth the try. Scroll down to read in details about each and every product of the Soft & Natural Brow kit

Price – $34.00

MY Experience

Packaging – The packaging is very simple and has a feminine touch to it. There are three products inside the box along with two stencils and a stencil holer. The tin box is soft pink in color and is of a compact size for traveling purpose.


*full size goof proof eyebrow pencil | 0.34 g Net wt. 0.01 oz.
*full size high brow eyebrow highlighter | 2.8 g Net wt. 0.1 oz.  
*24-hr brow setter fun size mini | 3.5 mL / 0.11 US fl. Oz.

Stencil and stencil holder – The very first product would be a tool. The box contains a stencil holder which is silver in color. There are two stencils provided inside – one for arched brows and the other for straight brows, which was really thoughtful of the brand. The stencils are to be inserted in the holder and then be used to shape the brows better.

This is, indeed, a wonderful tool if you have shaky hands, or in a hurry or if you are a beginner. The slender holder is useful as it doesn’t obstruct while defining the brows. Thus, the tool included in the box is perfect for making the brows on fleek.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil – Goof Proof Brow Pencil – The Goof Proof Brow Pencil comes in a shiny silver dual-ended structure with the eyebrow pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other end. The spoolie is an essential tool for eyebrow grooming and it beautifully blends the product and brushes the brow hair. The brow pencil has a twist-up and retractable functionality that eases the job of precise lining and easy filling.
The tip of the eyebrow pencil has a small triangular shape which is curated to fill the narrow tail end as well as the wide portion of the brows. However, the downside is that the shape of the pencil has the tendency wear down after several uses and one might be forced to use the broad end.
The shade Deep is a dark brown and has a neutral tone to it. Thus, it is neither too reddish nor too gray and perfect for warm Indian skin tones. The pigmentation is also not crazy and hence very workable for the brows. The texture is medium-soft and waxy that glides easily but not traditionally creamy, which is great for an eyebrow pencil.

The product, alone, won’t suffice if you are looking for the ‘eyebrows on fleek’ look. But coupled with an eyebrow gel and highlighter, it is a wonderful product.

High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter – This is the second step after drawing and precise filling of the brows with the pencil provided in the box. The High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter is a wooden pencil with a sharpenable body, although no sharpener has been provided. It is a matte almost-whitish highlighter with pale pink undertones to it. the color is great for highlighting but I wouldn’t recommend this for dusky to dark skin tones.
It is a wonderful product for highlighting around the brows, especially underneath the brows. It helps to create a beautiful ‘light and shadow’ technique to make your brows stand out even more.
The product is semi-creamy and blends well with fingers as well. it highlights the area well and can be used in the inner corners of the eyes to add that well-deserved brightness. If you have dry skin, it is absolutely necessary to hydrate the skin beforehand otherwise the highlighter might need up looking patchy. The formulation is really impressing and the staying power is around 6-7hours without any fading.

24-HR Brow Setter – This particular product in the box is mini-sized. The packaging is incredibly beautiful even though it looks tiny. The silvery bottle with the pretty cap with a shiny knob on top along with the brush attached completes the whole look. The brush has a short, straight and evenly spread plastic bristles with a flat comb shape that help to tidy the brow and spread the product well to tame the brow hair.
The product is transparent. It means that it is a transparent eyebrow gel that helps to set the hairs in place and make them look long lasting. The gel sets very nicely and helps to keep the brow look intact for a long duration. It doesn’t look flaky or sticky on the brows at all. In fact, if you have bold, natural brows—you can simply use this gel for a natural look.

Overall, this amazing transparent setting gel helps to lock the brow look for a duration of around 7-8hours and more.

Staying power and price point – While we have already analyzed the staying power of each product in the kit, it is time we judge it as a whole. The eyebrows remain intact throughout the whole day without needing the touch up at all. Coming to the price point, I would totally justify it. Individually, the price comes around $62 but the kit would only cost you $34, which is very economical.


  1. The cute, pinkish tin box containing all the products are well-packaged, looks compact and travel-friendly. Individual products are also well-packaged.
  2. An inclusive thoughtfully curated eyebrow kit with proper tools and products. It is also very helpful for beginners.
  3. The kit 006 Deep is great for Asian skin.
  4. The stencil and stencil holders are well-designed and for both arched and straight brows.
  5. The eyebrow pencil is naturally pigmented, great for filling and has a spoolie at the end.
  6. The shade is a deep brown with a neutral undertone.
  7. The texture of the pencil is waxy and glides properly to fill the gaps.
  8. The triangular shape tip is great for the contour of the eyebrow-from the broad portion to the tail-end.
  9. The High Brow Eyebrow Highlighter has a sharpenable body and a pale pinkish hue to it.
  10. It has a creamy formulation and adds a beautiful brightness around the brow to define and make them outstanding.
  11. The highlighter is matte and great for everyday use. Also, it looks au natural.
  12. It is long lasting as well.
  13. The 24-HR Brow Setter has the cutest packaging with a flat bristled brush to comb and tame the brows.
  14. The gel is clear and transparent and helps to set the brows in place.
  15. The formulation is neither sticky nor flaky.
  16. The staying power is good and helps the brow to stay intact until you remove with a makeup remover.
  17. The whole kit gives a very natural yet fuller and bolder look the brows.
  18. The price tag is justified for the product combination and performance.

BNB Rating: 4/5

OVERALL – Benefit Soft & Natural Brows 006 Deep is a wonderful kit that includes eyebrow stencils, eyebrow pencil, a matte highlighter as well as a clear transparent gel to set everything in place. Together, all the products will endeavor to give you the most natural, bolder brows to bring a revolutionary change in your eye makeup game.
RECOMMENDATION – I’d highly recommend the product if you are looking for a good, economical yet high performing eyebrow kit for every occasion.

**Not sponsored . All opinions are my own and I’ve brought this product with my own hard earned money 

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