When people think about getting their healthy lifestyle back on track, they often think of the big things they need to do. From committing to diets to regularly attending the gym, there is nothing wrong with any of these things, but the effort involved can often lead to setbacks and the temptation to give up. But sometimes, it’s the little things a person does that can have a positive impact on their health. These are the things that don’t take a lot of effort, but which can make all the difference to a person’s wellbeing.

Such as? Consider the following as some useful examples.

#1: Order your shopping online. Instead of trailing out to the supermarket every week, why not order your groceries online? Not only will you save time and fuel, but you will be less prone to temptation when confronted with unhealthier foods and drinks in your supermarket aisle. Make it a habit to use your local store’s online facility, filling your virtual basket with healthier ingredients for your meals, healthy snack items, and anything from this list of healthy drinks. And by going online, you might also save money too, as you will be able to see what you are spending as you go.

#2: Take regular short walks. A sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for anybody; here are some of the reasons why, so make an effort to take short walks throughout the day. If you’re sat at a desk all day at work, make the effort to go for a stroll around your office space at regular intervals. When you’re sat at home watching television, take a short stroll around your home and garden when the commercials come on. By getting off your seat and by making the effort to take a walk, no matter how small, you will strengthen your joints, burn off your calories, and clear your head.

#3: Turn off the television. Many of us tend to come home from work, eat dinner, and then slump in front of the television for the rest of the evening. It’s a habit, but one you can break away from. Set your favorite shows to record and do something else with your downtime. You could take a short walk after eating, which is a good way to burn off those calories you have just consumed. You might play an active game with your kids. You could practise yoga at home. You could do anything that will get you out of sitting around and into a more active lifestyle.

#4: Use your car less. Cars are convenient, but they can sabotage our attempts at a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, make the effort to look for other ways to get around. So, if you are using your car for work, consider cycling instead, or take the bus and get off one stop earlier so you can fit in some exercise by walking the rest of the way. Instead of using your car for short trips, walk, jog, or cycle. And if you use your car for the school run, make the effort to get up earlier with your kids so you have time to walk with them to school instead. By using your car less, you will get time to exercise in the day AND save money on fuel and other car costs.

It doesn’t take a lot of commitment to follow the small lifestyle changes we have suggested, so consider adding them to your life. And then let us know your ideas. Have you made any small but healthy lifestyle changes? Leave a comment below if so.

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