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To kick off this new chapter in my blogging life, I’ll start by sharing 10 things I’ve never previously shared with you. Hopefully after reading this you’ll learn more about the real me. And later on, if I don’t sound like myself again on the blog, you can call me on it, okay?

Now, there is no going back. Here we go:

I’m 30, I’ve been into blogging business for a longest time (10 years now) : I’ve enjoyed developing websites and apps, review beauty products and doing some cool makeup looks. Now that I’m 30 and have this more brutally honest soul inside I felt the urge to start a lifestyle blog to reflect the real me. I’ve been in marketing world for over 5 years, but last year my life took a huge turn transforming me into a full time software developer, but nothing on earth can take away blogging magic from me.

I had one massive ego problem: Not as big as Kanye but big. My friends know what I mean by that. I don’t know if anyone else does. Hopefully this will only come across as confidence. It probably hasn’t come across much in my prose. That’s because my ego is tempered by shitless fear from time to time that the whole life I was creating might collapse at any moment.

I’m an old soul and I like advising: Okay, don’t get scared of me, I do like 21st century kind of fun, parties and shopping but I also spend time reading and doing yoga. I think that wealth, fame, and other trendy stuff is not forever. These things should be shared and enjoyed but we shouldn’t be obsessed about these things. After all, what’s the point of pursuing these targets that are socially paraded if they can be quickly taken away? What’s the point if it is not long-lasting or soul-enriching fulfillment? Also we should control our desires and not compare ourselves with others is what I always advice.

I think being fashionable is difficult: Most of the people thing having flawless makeup and looking fashionable is a simple, glamorous and exciting work. It’s a great experience to transform yourself into a fashionable human but they don’t know how fast-paced and nerve-wracking things can be when you are in hurry or when your budget is tight. Fashion and makeup is a art, but for this we need to work extremely hard.

I want to get a dog: But I’m scared, because its like becoming a parent. Plus my mom thinks that owning a dog isn’t all games and fun, it can get expensive, complex and messy. I’m ready for challenges but I don’t want to be a bad parent. Maybe some day I’ll get a pomsky.

I want to try and help small companies SUCCEED: In the past I helped many small companies and brands to grow their business. I honestly told them about their products after testing them and shared with my readers if I really enjoyed any product. I prefer to partner with small companies because I have a passion for them. When people do what they love and when power and wealth are not concentrated in too few large institutions, the planet is a better place. Yeah, working for yourself is not as easy as having a job but I think one day I’ll jump back into my own small little business world.

I love full-coverage foundations but I’m scared I may ruin my skin: As a beauty expert myself I know that it’s not bad to wear foundation every day, and that everything depends on the ingredients in the items and how careful you are in removing the makeup. But I do get scared because I’ve no idea which are those ingredients that may cause reaction. Each skin type is different and you never know what is good for you. Also, You will hear all kinds of advice that the skin can’t breathe and foundation can clog pores but the FACT is: Skin doesn’t breathe. Your lungs do that!

I have traveled a lot but Unfortunately I’ve NOT clicked many beautiful pictures: That’s the sad truth of my life. I’ve traveled to the most beautiful locations in Europe, USA and Asia in my teens but I was not into social media or clicking pictures. Mostly because I never wanted to impress anyone and just wanted to enjoy and EAT. Also because I was very chubby when I was a teenager and never liked to be in pictures.

I LOVE MUSIC: From Indian classical music to “Choices” by George Jones. I love all kind of music. I am a big music addict. I love everything from  the violin, the clarinet, the trumpet and the guitar. 
Hearing music (especially concerts) always makes me happy in a way that does only a few other things. Currently my favorite artists include Drake, The Weeknd, . I want to be playing in a band one day. Maybe a Blues band……….

I super committed and kind human: I think there is huge difference between being a KIND person and a NICE person. I a kind human being. Good people take responsibility for taking care of themselves. We the type of people that are compassionate, even altruistic, but we don’t get caught up in a relationship style of user-pleaser. Kind people are happy people to begin with, and through acts of compassion and altruism add to their joy. Good people are miserable people who unwittingly bring to themselves more and more unhappiness.

Before I end this post I just wanted to talk about my blog True Fancy Soul.

My motto is to encourage followers to add a little glamour to their everyday routines. I find this paradigm fascinating as a lot of people focus a lot on glamour and then there are people who barely care about it.

Adding just a bit of glamour could help people to develop qualities like confidence, self-care and love.

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