I need to admit that I’ve been watching the Jimmy Fallon at home shows. He is so sweet and I find it so real that his kids are climbing on him while he is trying to work(creating content). The great thing is his jokes are still good and funny. I also enjoy him talking on video calls with guests!

While applying makeup is not what you are thinking let me share what I found in my makeup bag ? A PRIMER that not just creates smooth canvas but also acts as a acne treatment. You heard it right, ACNE treatment in a primer?

What Coverfx says ?

A weightless gel primer that mattifies the skin, treats blemishes and minimizes the appearance of pores. It’s formulated with 1% salicylic acid to prevent and heal blemishes and Ancient African Tree Bark to minimize pore size and control shine throughout the day. Vegan & cruelty-free.
Your Formula For Beauty.

My Experience ?

I remember last summer I was searching for a product to minimize appearance of my pores but I was very much concerned about some angry acne popping up due to silicony texture of primers. That’s when I saw this online on coverfx website, it has over 3K + reviews on google and most of them are positive. That was enough for me to give this baby a try!

I use primers for Blurring and minimizing pores under regular or powder makeup. I always need something to create a smooth canvas for a seamless foundation application, CoverFx Mattifying Primer does the job well, due to the natural no-color finish you can wear alone for a soft focus airbrushed effect.

My skin is combination and I find that a lot of times other primers tend to be too matte or too oily for me. This one honestly is just a perfect balance. With any kind of blurring product less is more and I tend to pat it into areas I need help.

I’ve tried primers specified for acne and pore minimizing, but I never liked any of the formulas. Then came this. I got this and fell in love with its formula. Whenever I use this, my skin looks smooth and flawless even without make-up. It has a bit of a beige tint that’s very light, so I could see more natural girls wearing it alone. I prefer a full face layers of make-up or absolutely no-foundation makeup, so I’m glad I have the perfect “poreless” canvas now when applying my make-up or when I’m using no foundation. I especially notice a difference on my cheeks, near my nose, where my pores are the largest. This Game changer doesn’t let makeup sit inside my pores giving me flawless airbrushed finish.

About Ingredients?

The Mattifying Primer has salicylic acid as one of the key ingredient which is well-know for common acne problems. This product also has beta hydroxy acid which will treat acne and reduce irritation, hydroxy acid also controls oil product. The BHA is known to mattify your face as well as minimize pore size size.  This product is not of a water base and does contain dimethicone which gives it feeling like a common silicon primer (but without silicons).

Overall,  I have oily/combination skin, and while I do need my acne skincare products to clear my acne, this works well as a barrier between makeup and my skin. I like that it has salicylic acid, which does help with existing spots.

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