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Thanks to their licorice-like scent, these azalea flowering shrubs are the perfect choice if you’re looking to add some beauty to your garden after a long winter. With their beautiful assortment of colors (choose shades of pinks and purples depending on your preference), these can instantly improve the aesthetics of your yard.

Pink Flowers can be your biggest saving grace when it comes to bringing back beauty in your front yard. Nothing shouts summer as these beautiful pink broadly funnel shaped, azalea flowers. This is a great option for new gardeners, as it is relatively easy to maintain, grow and does well even under shady conditions, you just need to make sure you have enough space for these beautiful colorful bush like plants.

Azaleas are also known as the best flowering shrubs in the humid countries. Azaleas mostly bloom in spring, and their flowers often lasting several weeks. These shade-tolerant shrubs are perfect near your front-yard windows, as these plants prefer living near or under trees. The bright hot pink color or light pastel pink color makes it wonderful front-yard plants.

Rhododendron indicum – azalea is found largely in Japan. During summer it grows into a dense, semi-evergreen plant that typically grows to 2-3’ tall. Funnel-shaped, pink to scarlet flowers bloom in trusses in late April – May. It has slightly toothed leaves that are semi-glossy, the leaves are dark green above and paler beneath.

More Details:

Common Name: azalea 

Type: Broadleaf evergreen

Native Range: Japan

Height: 2.00 to 3.00 feet

Spread: 2.00 to 3.00 feet

Bloom Time: May to June

Bloom Description: Red

Sun: Part shade

Water: Medium

Maintenance: Medium

Suggested Use: Hedge

Flower: Showy

Leaf: Evergreen

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