Quarantine Life is fun because of selfies and selfies are fun because of Snapchat filters. These filters can substitute for makeup or not shaving on a dull day. As long as you know that there’s no lens for real life, these lenses (filters) can help you achieve an airbrushed effect.

So if you’re planning to do a quick Instagram live chat or share some instant tips with your followers online these are my favorite SNAPCHAT filters that I use often.

My Current Favorite Instagram Filters (names given by me) :

  1. The Flower filter
  2. Diamond lights on my crown filter
  3. The colorful Spring Cap filter.
  4. The colorful bubble ears filter.
  5. The Pink Bow and Cute face filter.
  6. The I’m Baby Giraffe filter.
  7. The Vintage / Classic Red Lips filter.
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