Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Matte Lipstick 657 Nude Nuance 

Maybelline launched the Colorsensational Creamy Matte Lipstick range in India recently and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on few of the colors. I, somehow, managed to get hold of two shades – Nude Nuance and Touch of Spice. Today, I will be reviewing the shade Nude Nuance, which is also a dupe of a high end lipstick. Find out more about it!

PRICE – Rs. 575 for 4.2gms


Packaging – The Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Matte Lipstick has quite a familiar packaging with the Colorsensational range. It has an elongated rectangular body with a matte-mauve cap and a shining silver body. Surprisingly, the range name isn’t written anywhere but the shade name is written on the bottom. The lipstick has a basic packaging, efficient and travel friendly.

Shade – The shade ‘Nude Nuance’ falls in the neutral color category and isn’t quite an easy shade to describe but a beautiful one to start with. The color is a warm medium brown with slight mauve undertones. The color looks like a wearable MLBB color on my NC42 complexion. For pale to fair skin tone, it will be a tad bit deeper. While for dusky to deeper complexions, it will be a wonderful neutral color. Overall, this is a color you would love to wear for workplace or even with bold eye makeup. Also, Nude Nuance is known to be the dupe of MAC Whirl. I don’t have MAC Whirl but if you have it in your stash, do see the comparison.

Pigmentation – The lipstick is definitely pigmented and with single swipe it deposits a good amount of color. I do go for a second layer to make the color long lasting. It is not necessary to use a lip liner underneath but lip liner gives a wonderful definition to the lips.

Texture – The texture is surely a surprise for me. Whenever I read “Creamy Matte” I immediately thought there will be a tad bit of shine, just like any other creamy matte. But to my utter surprise, there was no shine and the texture is wonderfully smooth. It is creamy soft and glides easily without applying to much pressure. There is a faint fragrance as well. It is extremely comfortable on lips and you don’t need a lip balm underneath.

Finish and Formula – The shade takes a little time to settle down and then looks natural matte. The formula is transferable but very nominal. Overall, the finish and formula are great for a matte lipstick.

Longevity – The shade has quite a nice wear time too. It stayed on my lips for 5+ hours and survived light snacks and drinks. It can’t survive heavy meals or oily food and you would need a touch up after meals. Price wise, it is perfect and budget friendly.

OVERALL – Maybelline Colorsensational Creamy Matte Lipstick Nude Nuance is a beautiful medium brown with mauve undertones and would suit an array of Indian skin tones. The texture is creamy smooth, like butter and gives a natural matte finish without being dry or uncomfortable. It has a nice formula and stays for about 5hrs on lips.


Packaging – Mauve-y cap with silver body and twist up function.

Shade – A warm brown with mauve undertone.

Best suitable for – All skin tones

Dupe – MAC Whirl

Pigmentation – Great

Texture – Creamy smooth

Finish – Comfortable matte

Formula – Comfortable/ transfers slightly

Longevity – Around 5hrs


  1. The packaging is efficient and travel friendly.
  2. Nude Nuance is a beautiful medium brown with mauve undertones.
  3. Will suit every skin tones.
  4. Wonderful pigmentation.
  5. Creamy smooth and buttery texture.
  6. Glides like butter and feel comfortable.
  7. Natural matte finish with no shine.
  8. Longevity is around 5hrs.
  9. Reasonable price tag.


  1. Transfers slightly.

RATING – 9/10

RECOMMNEDATION – I would highly recommend this lip color because of the shade as well as the wonderful texture. It is a versatile color which can be worn for any occasion.


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