I have never had terrible acne, but it has been very persistent through my life. My skin is both oily and sensitive, so I have to be very careful which products I buy.

Recently I started breaking out bad and tried everything on earth to make my skin go back to normal but nothing worked. Products with salicylic acid and  benzoyl peroxide just dried out my skin like crazy. Nothing was working and my frustration grew. When it comes to dermatologist I honestly never liked taking medicines and always prefer on external products to cure skin problems. I did my online research and came across curology, the concept of custom formula sounded exciting, so I gave it a try.

I was skeptical about Curology as I’d seen online promotions only and it seemed too-good-to-be-true kindof product.  But I went ahead and tried it! Within two/ three weeks after I began using it people were complementing me that my skin looked amazing and so clear! The lotion didn’t hurt or dried up my skin like most did and the acne formula cream worked wonders.

I made sure to message my provider before I used it to talk about the conditions of my skin, and she gave me tips to make sure my skin felt good when using the products. I ditched the other products I was using and only used curology. I quickly ordered full size products. I’ve messaged my provider any time I have had questions and she’s always given me a very in depth and detailed response. 

Price: Worth it for what you get. I get the $64 two month box ($32/ month) and I have never run out of product. I use it every day and night. 
 I loved every experience I have had with this company.

My Rating : 10/10 


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