Modern Farmhouse Coffee/Living Room
Internet is an amazing tool for finding inspiration and ideas for your home. However, it can be extremely overwhelming when you’re trying to find things that would work for you and your home. It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of  Social Media! We recommend pulling ideas from multiple pictures so you can create a space that works for you.  When I started decorating my home, my initial thoughts were modern + classic + something that looks like my space. There was ocean of choices out there but its just not for me. While creating this space I wanted it to look cozy, warm and home. I call it coffee room because we sit here together and enjoy having coffee while admiring the beautiful scenic view outside our window.

I hope this post serves as a resource for you to find inspiration for your home so I’ve collected some out our favorite pictures of this modern living room. Let us know if this was helpful to you. Leave us a comment below if you have more ideas!

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